Founded by way of endless infatuation and intellectual curiosity, Ranchero Cellars is my just reward for years of making wine for others.  I have lived and breathed winemaking on all levels – from the storied and venerated Napa institutions, to the intrepid Paso Robles startup – and have come to understand that this is where I belong.  Over the past 16 years I have fallen in love with certain vineyards, particular varieties, specific styles and methods.  Here is where I am free to bring them all together, exploring, learning, and asking new questions.  I can combine time-tested processes with cutting-edge technology.  I can make impeccably balanced, elegant and polished whites, while I try to wrap my brain around the wild, brambly, and gnarly red beast that is Carignan.  I hope you’ll come along with me as I ride these dusty roads and rocky hillsides.  And remember to close the gate on your way out.  

XOXO  AmyJean.

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